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Oftentimes, homeowners do not have much space to expand their home's footprint, so those looking for added living space naturally consider basement renovations and finishing.


One of the easiest ways to extend your living space is to finish an unfinished basement. In doing so, you gain space to entertain and relax. Whether you are looking for your basement to serve as a recreation room, entertainment room, man-cave or even a place to accommodate overnight guests, Bostco Builders can help to make your basement both functional and attractive.


All members of the Bostco Builders team are properly licensed and trained and knowledgeable of building codes and proper construction methods. We also pride ourselves in keeping up to date on the latest trends and building supplies.


Popular Basement Renovations


Popular renovations and design elements for basements include fireplaces, family rooms, excercise rooms, entertainment centers and theatres, basement apartments and even saunas.


One of the most common requests for basement renovation is an additional bathroom. Basement bathrooms can be quite spacious - often more so than is possible in other areas of the home - so they can include more luxurious features such as saunas and walk-in showers. Such features can not only make the home more pleasant to live in, but can also increase its value when the time comes to sell.


Other improvements might include adding subflooring, upgrading insulation or including a wet bar or cabinetry.


Improving Your Basement Laundry Area


Many homes have hook ups for the laundry in the basement. Often, homewners simply haul their laundry down to their unfinished basement to throw it in the wash. While this certainly does the job, having a finished laundry room can make for a tidier and more functional workspace which is more pleasant to work in.


When renovating your basement, don't neglect your laundry area. Consider features such as new drywall and flooring along with upgraded countertops, sinks, cabinetry and improved lighting.


Basement Function and Design


When homeowners decide to renovate or finish their basement, it is often because they have a specific function in mind. Perhaps, they want to use it as a family room or put in an extra bedroom. Or maybe they have plans for a home theatre complete with a large screen tv and reclining chairs. Or perhaps they wish to have a workshop that can  accommodate their favorite hobby.


Because basement renovation can be pricey, we find out what your budget is and then let you know what you can reasonably within your price range. Throughout every step of the renovation, we communicate with you so that we can give you the results that you are looking for.


Call: 617-479-8968 to Explore our Full Spectrum of Home Renovation Services. 

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