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Homeowners often look for ways to maximize the livable area in their homes. That's why they require extension to the homes offering extra space along with enhancing the appearance. The reason for home additions can be many but the crucial point is who is undertaking the home addition job. It is advisable to seek assistance of a company that holds extensive experience in home renovations or remodeling work - like Bostco Builders. Apart from having the renovation expertise, we also have high quality technical equipments to accomplish home addition successfully. Bostco Builders offers superior remodeling/renovation work with home additions as its speciality. 


What Can We Do For You?


We at Bostco Builders, provide tailor-made home additions to match your and your home's style. Home additions vary with the demand. If you are looking for a home extention in order to accommodate your elderly parents, we would suggest additions at the ground floor. On the contrary, if you want to generate some income by renting out your space, our renovators will make you aware about different rental ideas which are high in demand.


Our designers will discuss the whole project with you to fiqure out what exactly you expect out of the project. Our ultimate aim is to provide complete satisfaction to our customers by providing services they cherish for years.


Our Home Addition Services


Our creative workforce implements new and innovative solutions to bring out spectacular results. Nowadays, homeowners follow the ideology of going green. We offer home additions that lend a big hand in making your home environmental friendly. These green home additions ensure reduced emissions plus conservation of water and energy. Apart from going green, we also offer:


  • Planning & Designing

  • Engineering

  • Procuring permits

  • Project management

  • Interior & Exterior Finishing

  • Foundations

  • Flooring

  • Ventilation

  • Framing

  • Roofing

  • Mechanical

  • Landscaping 


If you are looking for a reliable contractor that can help you extend your home's capabilities and make elegant additions, contact Bostco Builders to discuss your project in detail. Our renovators ensure that you get a product that you always expected. Our ultimate aim is to see a big satisfactory smile on our client's face.

Call: 617-479-8968 to Explore our Full Spectrum of Home Renovation Services. 

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